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The Screening Policy

These are the screening rules the screening crew members use as a guide to determine what actions to take in instances where a module's acceptability is in question.

  • Modules that are far too repetitive are not to be accepted. (e.g. a single pattern repeated for minutes)

  • Modules shorter than 30 seconds are not to be accepted, with the exception of Chip music (files of less than 90kb) or unless there is a very good reason to include them. Minimum length of a chiptune is insignificant as long as it's deemed worthwhile to add by the screeners.

  • Sound effect modules (e.g. from games) are not to be accepted.

  • Broken modules (e.g. missing samples, most samples are garbage, etc.) are not to be accepted, unless there is a very good reason to keep them anyway (e.g. it is known that there is no better version available).

  • Modules that are identifiable as plagiarism are not to be accepted.

  • Modules that can be identified as already existing on the archive are not to be accepted. Provide the existing module ID if possible.

  • Modules that comprise of only large sequenced samples ("megasamples"), and no actual effort in tracking methods are not to be accepted - especially if those large samples are sampled from commercial music.

  • Modules that contain recognisable copyrighted material are not to be accepted.

  • Modules that appear to have been converted from another format are not to be added. This includes modules which have derived directly from MIDI or SPC files, which have not been tracked by hand.

  • If you are not quite sure if a module meets the standards, do not reject it immediately but mark it yellow (2nd opinion requested). If a second screening crew member comes to the same conclusion, the module should be rejected.

  • If a file appears to be broken or off-tune in the player you're using for screening, try another software (if possible the original software the module was made with) before rejecting it.

  • Plugin usage: Modules should be playable across different platforms. This means that modules using "DirectX Media Audio Effects" in IT/XM are okay, as those are supported by XMPlay / BASS and can be emulated on platforms other than Windows. Modules using VST plugins may be okay to add if they don't rely too heavily on the plugins, i.e. they sound acceptable when being played through XMPlay (maybe some reverb, chorus or whatever is missing, but it doesn't ruin the tune). Obviously this means that instrument plugins are a no-go.

  • Modules with racist or otherwise questionable or illegal content are to be rejected.

  • Screening Crew's Rules of Engagement

    These are the rules for the screening crew members themselves:

    Be more critical about artist uploads.

    Generally we want to keep the lowest-quality stuff out of the archive. If someone is an active artist and they upload for example a module with detuned samples, reject it and give them a chance to fix it. If, on the other hand, the module is 30 years old, the artist is unlikely going to fix the tuning of the module. :-) In that case it may be acceptable to add a lower-quality module to the archive. After all, most likely that module is already on ModLand, AMP, etc. so there's no point in keeping it back. Archival is more important than music quality in that case.

    We prefer screeners do not screen their own modules.

    If you do you wont have any chance to appear on the Cool Picks list. Also, the sound of a song is subjectively different between composer's point of view, and a listener's. However, if you are sure it deserves to be added, we will not kill, hurt or maim you if you do.

    We prefer screeners not to give priority to specific friends or known artists over others.

    Your friends should not have priority over other people because they know a screener. In some situations, screening your friends modules is unavoidable, so do it impartially.

    Other Rules

    • Screeners are responsible for their actions, and actions are logged.
    • Careless screening may result in account termination, or withdrawal from the screening roster.
    • Screeners are advised not add hardcore techno tunes, unless they have merit over the usual lazy newbie crap.
    • Screeners may confer via IM or IRC if there is doubt over whether a module is acceptable or not. Two yellow flags is enough to warrant a rejection.