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Title: Introduce yourself - Axxy
Post by: Axxy on April 12, 2006, 23:48:57
I'm Mark from the UK and a Teacher (in IT). I am also over 40 (am i the oldest one here?) and have been collecting tracked mods for more years than I care to remember. (which, still makes me 8) )  :hrrhrr:

Although I don't have any musical abilities, I have tracked over 70 mods myself (mostly crap).  :shock:

I've contributed tens of thousands of mods to the big remaining archives at some time or other and ripped thousands of others from demos, games etc. (and still collecting what little there is today).....

I also try to help out the poor souls looking for lost/missing/rare mods.

And, I still remember the tunes that you listen to today, when they were first released. haha