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Title: The sound of song is my prime trouble... What i can do?
Post by: 2a03 on April 27, 2008, 20:26:47
I try to compose my own tracks, but it sounds UGLY.
I think the samples I used are badly compatible.
What can I do to make it sounds well?

I can compose some amazing (as for me) melodies on my guitar, but how transfer it in tracker? That's mistery for me.

I am big fond of NES music, realy good NES music.
There I mean Zen Intergalactic Ninja, Kickmaster, Darkman, Batman etc.
Some of this tracks I remaked on tracker (Renoise) exactly.
But I  still can't make something of my own.

Why? As for me, there is very simple sound on NES. 2 square channels, 1 triangle, 1 for noise and 1 for samples. First 4 are just simple waves. But the NES composers do something, and their tracks sounds beautiful! I can't understand, what is it.

This trouble takes part not only with NES-like tracks, but anywhere.
Every time when I begin to compose something new, I hope that everything will be all right, but ALWAYS result sounds ugly...
Help me please.
I love tracker music most of all. I want to make my own songs.  

Title: Re: The sound of song is my prime trouble... What i can do?
Post by: barryvan on April 28, 2008, 16:44:23
Hiya 2a03! The best thing to do would probably be to download a couple of chip tracks that you like, and look really closely at how they achieve different effects. The great thing about tracking (especially when you don't use effects, plugins, and whatnot) is that you anyone can learn from looking at other people's music.
Title: Re: The sound of song is my prime trouble... What i can do?
Post by: Oliwerko on May 05, 2008, 18:55:54
If a melody is disharmonic when I compose, the first quick shot is to change to a different, but similar sample. If it still sounds weird, you just probably hit some disharmonic tones. These might sound ok when played on guitar, but it is emphasized when played on sharp chiptunes.

Another approach is to alter the whole melody. I have difficulties finding a good one, but when I got it, it is suddenly all right. It is like when you walk on a wire, and in the end, you just step on solid ground. When I got the melody, it is the solid ground.

Experiment, experiment, experiment. Try different samples /if you draw them, try it more times/ and if the sound still sounds ugly, scrap it and go over another one.

Hope it helped a bit.
Title: Re: The sound of song is my prime trouble... What i can do?
Post by: 2a03 on August 25, 2009, 18:00:54
Thanks for all!
Now I have rather good sound in my tracks.

If  someone will ask something like my question, there are my thoughts about this:
1. The main. Single sample or instrument may sounds awfully apart of entire track, but there is a little bit miracle: when it plays in track, together with others instruments, it becomes amazing! Why? I dont know... Maybe this is because of sound specter saturation. 

2. Using more unisones you make your sounds better. Unisones, delays, reverb etc.

3. Pay attention to filters - LP, BP, HP and others. They can make to sound your instrument as you vant.

Good luck for exploring endless ocean of sounds.