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Title: Two good way to get samples
Post by: paulnasca on May 26, 2008, 13:57:51
I want to post here about two good way to have samples:
1) is the PADsynth synthesis method, which generates perfect looped samples. I have written about it here (, and I believe that it can be a great addition to any tracker.

2) A time ago, I wrote a program for extreme time stretching, which is very good to stretch a 3 seconds samples to 1 minute
The program it's here ( Since, the program is GPL, I believe that the stretch engine can be added to any GPL compatible tracker.

Bonus) A long, long time ago I wrote an closed-source DOS program called "Paul's Sound Designer" ( which was made to generate samples.

For the authors of the trackers: If you need help into including any of these into your tracker, please contact me , or write here, because I am eager to help :)
Title: Re: Two good way to get samples
Post by: Saga Musix on May 26, 2008, 15:17:08
Paul! Nice to see you here! ;D Wanna hear what I've done with your Sound Designer some years ago? :) All samples in HardTech ( (well, except the drums, the buzzer and the bass) were made in Sound Designer ;)
welcome to the forums, btw :)
ZynAddSubFX is also pretty nifty!