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Title: IRC Channel
Post by: m0d on June 30, 2008, 11:20:14
I've opened the #nitrotracker IRC channel permanently. Tobias had it open a few days ago but didn't set it up to stay, but now it's open for business and has the resident Espernet trackerscene bot resident.

Automatic Idle people indicator:

If you talk, you will be set +v, if you idle for more than 45 minutes, you will be set -v.

Seen System:

Track down IRC members using !seen. As the bot crosses nearly all of the scene channels on Espernet, this is extremely functional with a comprehensive history log, tracking as far back as 2 years.


Post a long link, get a tiny URL returned if it's over a length which would make some IRC clients balk at long URLs (think Ebay).


Come and join the channel. Sit idle, and grow the channel. Growing is important, even if you don't chat, because once it reaches a critical mass of idlers, chat traffic can occur spontaneously. :)

If you would like to mingle with other musicians and trackers alike, you are welcome to also join the #modarchive IRC channel, also on the same network.

Joining: Requirements.

Windows IRC Client: The most used for Windows is mIRC. It's registerware after 30 days but you can still use it for well past the limit. I'm on my 130th day on the client at work :)

Linux IRC Client: kVIRC, BitchX, IRSSI, XChat. Take your pick.

Multiplatform: Pidgin IM Client.

To join the channel(s):

/join #nitrotracker
/join #modarchive

Any comments/questions, drop them here.
Title: Re: IRC Channel
Post by: 0xtob on June 30, 2008, 11:27:54

Thanks a lot, m0d!
Title: Re: IRC Channel
Post by: m0d on June 30, 2008, 11:30:23
You're welcome. All you need to do is register your nickname with nickserv and I can add you ro the moderator list. If you're not sure how; here's how:

In place of <password> put your own password.
In place of <email> put your real email address where you want the activation mail to go to. You will need to activate your nick.

/msg nickserv register <password> <email>

Instructions are then mailed to you.

Enjoy :)