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Title: Donation Drive Status
Post by: m0d on July 03, 2008, 12:56:40

We now have a status chart of the current donation situation so that you can see how we're doing! If you have a few spare pennies please consider throwing them into the fund as every little helps - we need to keep the fund topped up so that we don't find the site suddenly running out of funds. To find the chart, just look on the front page of or scroll down if you are already looking at it :)

The Donation Page ( also has the chart as well as a list of the last few donors.

Many thanks continue to go out to those who have helped out with donations in the past. It is always greatly appreciated by the staff, and by extension, the other fellow patrons of the site too.

Alternatively, if you're a company looking to sponsor us, we have a couple of text-link ad spots available at a very reasonable rate: Information here (

Greetings to all!
Greg (m0d)