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Title: VSTi basics
Post by: Oliwerko on July 20, 2008, 15:03:24
Hi there,

I just wanted to ask where to find some useful info on VSTi usage. There are marvelous pieces out there, but every time I open one, I can tell you how it looks, where is the ADSR and LFO located and that is where my knowledge ends.
When I go to KVRaudio, I just see plenty of VSTi types out there without knowing what do they mean. Additive synths? Ring modulation? What?
OK, I told myself, just open one up. I opened it up, it came with no manual. 50 knobs and buttons popped out and I was stunned and unable to do anything with it.

I tried looking on the web, but I have found no basic VSTi usage instructions.
I need a guide how to learn using them.

Can you please give me a hand here? I would be so happy to use the VSTis to their full extent, but now, I grinded to a halt.

Thanks in advance
Title: Re: VSTi basics
Post by: Deltafire on July 20, 2008, 22:21:39
I could spend ages explaining the principles of different methods of sound synthesis, but I'd be wasting time.

Just fiddle with the controls until you find a sound that you like, that's all you need to know  :)
Title: Re: VSTi basics
Post by: Oliwerko on July 21, 2008, 10:15:07
That means - trial and error ?
Title: Re: VSTi basics
Post by: barryvan on July 21, 2008, 14:46:13
Most VST(i)s have completely different interfaces from each other, so it's hard to give a tutorial to using them. However, I generally find that the best way to start getting sounds out of them is to play with the presets, and spend a little while twiddling various knobs to see what effect they have. Try starting with simple VST(i)s - the ones at tweakbench ( are nice and simple, and have a consistent interface. They're not the most powerful, and don't always produce the best sounds, but they're still very solid little instruments and effects.

Are there any specific plugs you're having problems with?
Title: Re: VSTi basics
Post by: Oliwerko on July 21, 2008, 15:03:43
Thanks for help,

I don't really have specific VSTis that I don't understand, except maybe the Minimoog synths which I closed immediately and considered them not a good start after looking at all these settings  ;D

Currently I am trying to get some sounds from Anglular Momentum free synths which sound great and I have already properly understood most of their Unifyer 3 synthesizer.

However, I still don't get some basic points like what is the "key" or "key mode" for example. Still, I guess fiddling with the controls is the best way, I got some decent sounds from some of the VSTis I tried.