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Title: KaBoomer
Post by: m0d on August 27, 2008, 15:21:36
Ripped song name : KaBoomer!!! - Forest Party.xm
Original song : heritage.xm by maniac
Comments : Complete rip. Ripped maniacs famous tune. Had it available for download on his homepage and claimed he had made it. In his guestbook, people were amazed of what a good song "he" had made.

Ripped song name : tmm_*.xm
Original song : All tmm_* songs are ripped.
Comments : complete rips

Ripped song name : kbr_jinglebells.xm
Original song : Jingle Bells (jingle.mod) by Maktone
Comments : This is a rip of a remix. But the patterns are copied from maktones song.

Ripped song name : kbr_youandme.xm
Original song : 00enjoy.mod by Jogeir Liljedahl
Comments : The original song is only 15 seconds. Kaboomer made it longer without mentioning Jogeir.