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Title: [stalled progress] R a v e s t o r m
Post by: m0d on August 29, 2008, 13:00:45
Filename: r_twi98.xm
Hash: adbca35108d2185e84a8c1180d1c2661
Title: Twilight Eternal '98 Mix

Download (


This is a remix of a song that was ripped, so this is a mix of the rip, I'm guessing... but the original song the rip was based on was hymn to aurora. It has additions to it, not much of an improvement at all. And no credit given to the original author... Maybe didn't realise the version Ravestorm based this on was ripped. The hint pointing towards the ripped version is the mention on the modland banlist:

Red Penguin/"FwlfFo's Encrustling Music" (but probably not)
"twilight eternal.xm" is a copy of "hymn to aurora.mod" by Horace Wimp.
Another dimwitted theft of a classic and instantly recognizable module.
Title: Re: R a v e s t o r m
Post by: m0d on August 29, 2008, 13:07:15
Does anyone have the original rip to compare this to?