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Title: Instrument
Post by: grimmeld on September 14, 2008, 13:48:50
Since raina's convo with me last time about the effects column and the way it speaks with the instrument settings, i've been figuring out a lot of things but theres a thing that's been bugging me since today:

Is every setting of the instrument "editable" in the effects column? If so, how can i change the sustain point of the volume of an instrument?
Title: Re: Instrument
Post by: raina on September 14, 2008, 14:58:14
You can't edit the envelopes with commands but you can change a note's volume envelope position. Lxx works beyond the second loop point (unlike 9xx) which makes it possible to have two volume envelope behaviors for one instrument. One inside or before a loop and one after.

You can create an alternate sustain point in the latter one by setting Lxx outside your envelope entirely. Then the envelope won't be followed, the note will just play at the volume of the last point in the envelope and a key-off will fade it according to the fadeout value.

I attached an example image from one of my own songs. The volume envelope is a very simple rhythmic loop between points 0 and 18. At point 19 I have a "useless" full volume point. Normally when a note is played, the volume will pulsate according to the envelope but when I couple that with an Lxx command where xx is 19 or higher, I get a sustained note without the loop. (I use L20 because one digit is simpler and faster to type in than two. :) )
Title: Re: Instrument
Post by: grimmeld on September 14, 2008, 17:41:42
ah thanx i always wondered why the sustain point in the envelope wasn't capped at the last loop point :).