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Title: The Best VST/DX Plugins ?
Post by: ViZiON on September 21, 2008, 01:36:48

   I would like to use different VST/VSTi/DX Plugins on Renoise v1.91. I am looking for the best VST Plugins on PC, any ideas ? Furthermore, I need "real" instruments thanks to plugins for Renoise : Piano, Synth, Orchestral, Ensemble, Voices, Orchit, Violin...

Today, I use Absynth v4 with Renoise and it works good :-) I compose musics :

1°) New Age, Orchestral, Medieval, Romantic, Movies...
2°) Techno, House, Acid, Trance, HardTrance, HardCore...

Please help me to find my favourites plugins for Renoise !

Thanks & Greetings,

Title: Re: The Best VST/DX Plugins ?
Post by: barryvan on September 21, 2008, 06:16:15
Oh, ok. :) Here's the same reply again - Kontakt. :D I love my Kontakt.
Title: Re: The Best VST/DX Plugins ?
Post by: raina on October 04, 2008, 12:59:09
So far I've relied only on free plugins and I plan to in the foreseeable future as well. But admittedly the majority of freebies is geared towards electronic and experimental stuff rather than realism. All this is fine by me but sometimes you need those real instrument sounds for a more acoustic feel. So instead of trying to find dedicated plugins for different instruments, most of the time I get nice results using the rgc:audio sfz plugin in combination with a good quality SoundFont, which there are plenty of available for free as well.
Title: Re: The Best VST/DX Plugins ?
Post by: Rayko on October 16, 2008, 06:12:31
Hypersonic has a really good samplig for simulations of real instrumets. For percussion is the best to me. It's samples are really great and feels like a real drummer for yourself.

Other great VSTi I can recomend are: Polisix, MS-20, Prohet 5 (Pro-52 or Pro-53), EMS AKS Sinthy A, Minimoog, ARP2600, CS-80, ARP Odissey, Mercury-1, Triangle II, Moog Modular 2, Synth 1, TERA 3, CANTOR, Hypersonic (as I said), Attack, FM7... and... well, I remember those. I use them and are really great. Don't know, I'm sure there are more.
Title: Re: The Best VST/DX Plugins ?
Post by: radstorm57 on November 11, 2008, 11:05:50
You can go and join the KVR site. They have quite a few vsti samples free. Some are pretty good I think   :)