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Title: Mephisto - Freeborn
Post by: Mattasmack on October 06, 2008, 03:42:48
Ripper: Neil Swann aka /Mephisto/ - Freeborn
Filename: coolman.s3m
Title: Cool maan...
MD5: e4f8b38995bb76b62d936e50b56ddfe5

Original: mangrove.s3m Download (
Original Title: Mangrove
Original MD5: 1b5004153bd157a3a02ef4674369957d


I believe coolman.s3m ( ( is identical, minus the first pattern, to Skaven's mangrove.s3m ( (

(And, to be sure, Skaven was first. According to here: (, mangrove.s3m was released in 1993, whereas coolman.s3m contains a copyright notice dated 1996.)
Title: Re: coolman.s3m
Post by: m0d on October 09, 2008, 15:51:08
Indeed, a very obvious rip. Thanks for bringing that to the attention of the community. I'll move this to confirmed reports and update your post with a template of information.

The ripped module has been removed from the archive.