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Title: DSMI requirements
Post by: usrfriendly on October 24, 2008, 07:39:44
I was wondering if i could get some answers concerning the DSMI interface.  I've used it before on Windows, more as a novelty than anything, for a while, but was wondering if it could be used through a wireless card instead of a router on Windows or Linux.  I ask because I'm going to be getting a laptop soon, and might not be able to get a signal from my wireless router in my bedroom. 
Title: Re: DSMI requirements
Post by: 0xtob on October 24, 2008, 13:10:37
Hi! Yes it can be, but the wireless card must have the ability to emulate an access point. On linux this is done with hostapd, so you should get a supported card. If the laptop's builtin card isn't supported, PCMCIA cards with supported chipsets like priosm54 are very cheap.