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Title: JLSoft
Post by: m0d on November 30, 2008, 23:30:15
Ripper: JLSoft
Title: Exploding Fist-JLsoft 99
MD5: bc8f8deee8426bb73e166ccad9276b76

Original: w.o.t.e fist.xm / w_o_t_e_fist.xm
Original Title: W.o.t.e fist
Original MD5: b3c06bdce1c05018ab23d5b6a7d99758


- JLSoft came forward and announced that this module was a copy of another composer's conversion.

- This module was originally in XM format according to JLSoft

- The original tune itself comes from a SID, the XM was a conversion.

JLSoft is now on the straight and narrow path having now appeased his demons of the past. Although the module is likely to be floating about elsewhere on the internet, please do the scene a favour and kill the spreading of ripped off plagiarised tunes.