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Title: News from the staff (5)
Post by: m0d on December 10, 2008, 22:50:30
More new features added to the Favourites system

I've spent some considerable time working on new bits, listed below :)

- Module pages show how many times a module has been "favourited".

- The number of times a module has been favourited is clickable, which takes you to the fan list. This will let you find out who else added that module to their favourites.

- Module pages now have a Remove Favourite link if it has already been added to your list.

- Your favourite list now has a view counter.

- A new quick at-a-glance overview of members ( with populated lists.

- List all modules in order of most "favourited" via Top favourite modules ( This has been added to the Chart section, as well as the other link for viewing the list of lists (

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