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Title: MC WildStyle
Post by: m0d on February 04, 2009, 17:06:58
Ripper: MC WildStyle (*
Filename: Download (**
Title: Braveheart - MC WildStyle
MD5: 1efa5c600448bc179be0a3eb35b0de66

Original: dax_-_protect_your_mind.xm / protect_your_mind.xm Download (
Original Title:
Original MD5: 3210bc828afeb7acb0f2f978f014d417

* This link may expire if it is found that this ripper is more prevalent.
** Leaving link + file as evidence.


Quote from: Saga Musix
As a logical conclusion, MC Wildstyle must have ripped the tune, converted it to IT format, left the patterns as they were and accelerated it to 153 BPM.

And from the so-called "artist" profile:

My name is Malc Jennings aka MC WildStyle and I track music in a variety of different formats. I live in the town of Chorley in Lancashire UK and you can contact me at: MC_WILDSTYLE@YAHOO.COM.