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Title: 8 Bit sample mod enhancer??
Post by: damon_sisk on June 16, 2006, 23:08:47
I want to do a tribute to mods on Stepmania.  Most of the mods I have sound good in headphones, but not so good on a regular stereo.  The 8 bit mods (most of my favorites) really suffer.
Each song will be taken to mp3 format anyway, so does anyone know of a tool that will automatically enhance the samples in 8 bit sample mods?  Most of the mods I want to use are 4 channel/voice, so I already have tools to mix the 2 right/2 left channels to some degree.  I will also add a little of ambient reverb/delay etc depending on the mod and what sounds good to my ears.
For those interested, the Stepmania songs will feature video largely from various scene demos.

Any help is appreciated!