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Title: Error when moving Milky
Post by: valpo_usta on April 04, 2009, 14:42:20
When I moved my Milkytracker to another folder, something happened. Now I can only load .xm's through Milkytracker, and not just by double-clicking on them. This is very annoying because it's much easier just to click 'em.
I tried to re-install Milky, but that didn't work either.
When I choose to associate .xm's with Milky, Milky doesn't appear in the box.
Someone who knows what to do about this?
Title: Re: Error when moving Milky
Post by: raina on April 05, 2009, 03:32:40
On which OS is this? Anyway, after what you've done, I'd only expect OS X to be able to keep the association intact. (Re-)Installation doesn't really apply due to how Milky is distributed. But. On Windows (XP) you should be able to Browse for applications outside the list that appears in the box. Click the button and use the Open file dialog to navigate to the new location of your MilkyTracker executable.