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Title: renaming a mod
Post by: darwin on May 18, 2009, 07:31:27
I released a mod at a party but changed the name when I uploaded it here for some reason.  I would like to rename it to what was released at the party; the module is no different.

I guess I was thinking I would leave it as finished and wanted to give it a name, but that is not as important as being consistent, and I think I will do some more work on the module.
Title: Re: renaming a mod
Post by: m0d on May 18, 2009, 14:21:04
Once it has been permanently archived it is not possible to rename. This isn't a hosting site, it's an archive and as such you need to be aware and actually read the upload terms and guidelines as stated on the upload page. It does say that once it's in, it's in. If you want to upload a revised version by all means do so.
Title: Re: renaming a mod
Post by: darwin on May 19, 2009, 04:06:58
I take it there is no 'replace mod with a new version' then.  The Elfwood art site which has been around about 13 years has that feature for pictures... it would be good to add someday.  It might be relevant and it would keep the stats for mods.  I guess Elfwood has other things like comments... maybe it would not be as useful here right now but it would be one good thing as the site grows.
Title: Re: renaming a mod
Post by: m0d on May 20, 2009, 15:09:52
I don't allow this for the simple reason it leaves the archive open to abuse. Uploads are not owned by a single individual because of the nature of cooperative works which are quite common here.

If you want to you can upload a revised edition (which is also renamed) then:

- Make sure you make the file slightly different (put a letter in the sample text) so that is does not get blocked by the duplicate checker.
- Post the filename of the upload here.
- After is has been screened, assuming is has been accepted, post both of the module ID numbers of the modules you want to have merged here and I can do that. Of course make sure you state which one is the one which must be kept.