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Title: add different samples
Post by: Herbalrebel on July 21, 2009, 21:43:41
hello everyone,

I have a very big problem with Milkytracker, which makes it impossible to use the program.
This is it:
everytime I add more than one sample into the sample list (another one than 0 ), milkytracker refuses to use it, the only I get in the pattern is the first added sample. It's also impossible to get other samples into the editor.
does anyone knows the answer to this problem? it's driving me mad  :(

greetings, Els
Title: Re: add different samples
Post by: raina on July 22, 2009, 01:14:06
You are trying to build a multi-sample instrument by loading samples into the 16 sample slots of one instrument. This is a bit more advanced stuff and involves mapping these samples to different keys in the instrument editor. (All the 0's in the piano keyboard refer to sample #0.)

I think what you want is simply selecting another INSTRUMENT slot, while the selected sample slot stays at 0. The basic situation is that you only use sample slot 0 on different instrument slots for different samples in your song.