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Title: Hi
Post by: Ultrasyd on August 29, 2009, 16:32:59
"It would be a great boost to the community if you dropped by and say hello :-) As it is, you don't appear to have ever posted on our forums even though you hold an account"

That's the e-mail I received :) OK, so I'm from France, not really new here but I never come on the forum. I registered in 2001 I guess... I started with FT2 some years ago, then tried chiptunes, always with FT2. Now I like to use old hardware (CPC, ST, Game Boy, C64 soon...) but I'm planning to use my Amiga soon for some mods. Bye and keep up the good job, this archive is THE archive ;)
Title: Re: Hi
Post by: Saga Musix on August 29, 2009, 17:30:41
Hi Ultrasyd and welcome to the forums! I really like "Abstract Tracking" from 2002 :)
Title: Re: Hi
Post by: m0d on August 29, 2009, 20:10:48
Hi Ultrasyd,

Thanks for dropping by, the e-mail I sent out went to all those with 0 posts so it wasn't just you, and really - this place is just beginning to liven up so it's great you've decided to unlurk and say hello.

I've heard some of your music in the past and I hae to agree with Saga, some of it is exceptional.

By the way - I might be mistaken, but you do attend demoparties, right? Or maybe you post a bit on Pouet, i'm sure I've seen your handle about before.

Title: Re: Hi
Post by: Ultrasyd on August 31, 2009, 15:47:26
Not really in demoparties (even if I would like to), but I actually go on Pouet from time to time. I recently released a small music disk there but that's all. Your memory is good ;)