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Title: Request : Many much musics!
Post by: Jayenkai on September 01, 2009, 09:35:09
Hello, I'm Jayenkai, and I've posted a couple of requests before for specific projects, but today I figured I'd try a great big all-rounder.

Over at, it's a pretty big project, and try as I might it's not always achievable.
One of my biggest struggles of late has been Music.  *Ack* Everything is sounding so blinkin' similar that it's getting really really dumb!

(Look back on Year One of the whole messy thing! (

Sure, I could hop on here, grab tracks, ask permissions, etc, but.. well, right now I'm in the last few tweaks of my current project, and I'll be posting it in about 1.5 hours time.  I need music, I can't come up with anything, and it's a wee bit short notice to be hunting, grabbing and asking permission.

Thing is, I ALWAYS do this!!
Every week, the music is the last thing to go in, and it's always the worst bit of my games!

What I'd like to do, if anyone's open to it, is to fill a huge directory on my hard drive with "They gave me permission" music that I can grab when/where necessary.
So if anyone would like to donate a batch of their tracks to help fill the folder, let me know.

Any help is very much appreciated.


(edit : just before everyone jumps in with mp3s galore...  I'm after mods/xm/it/etc.. after all, this is ModArchive!  And preferably no crazy 16Mb ones!!)
Title: Re: Request : Many much musics!
Post by: Jayenkai on October 02, 2009, 22:58:56
Thanks, I'll carry on writing my games, drawing my art and composing my music myself every week. :rolleyes:
Title: Re: Request : Many much musics!
Post by: cyguration on October 11, 2009, 18:05:06
You can use any of my tracks for your games if they suit the style:

Sorry I don't actually have time to compose anything specific for your games.  :(