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Title: Very tiny portable mod player?
Post by: Ashura on November 07, 2009, 00:39:54
Is there one? So tiny that it fits into a toy space gun and I could power it by an ordinary coin cell battery maybe? (if that's not enough power I can find a gun that uses different batteries)
Because that's what I'm looking for. Then I only need to find a way to replace the gun's sound module thing with it.
I need next to no memory, I don't want to store entire songs, just a few seconds of sound.
But I want the tunes to be interchangeable. (needs some sort of interface to PC)
A big plus would be if I could store like 10 samples and it'd play sample 1 if I pulled the trigger once, sample 2 if I pulled it the second time etc.
I'd pay if somebody constructed something like that for me and if I liked the finished thing. But I suspect that probably nobody who doesn't know me personally would try it. So at least I want to find out which parts I'll need and then gather them. So could any of you suggest/tell me?
Then I'd just have to find somebody who puts them into one of my toy guns. I really have no clue about electronics myself and don't plan to learn how to do it either.

I don't really care if it plays mods or mods converted to wavs. I just thought the first option might be easier to get to work. And cooler, lol.

Thanks for any help!