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Title: Found my old Tracker-Idol's site
Post by: Quick209 on July 06, 2006, 07:59:46
Being the old fuddy duddy, I have to go through this long introduction.

Way back in the demo scene there was a crew above all crews.  Each demo they released year by year blew away the competition until one year they vanished.  They all up and got real jobs using the talents they fine tuned in the demo scene.  They were Future Crew.  Back in those days I thrived to make my tracks sound as good as the 2 musicians of FC (Purple Motion and Skaven).  Purple Motion dropped off the scene and I haven't seen anything of his since but Skaven seems to be still out there.  In fact you may have heard some of his stuff.  Check out PopCap games.  Well, I searched and found his site.  He has all his old stuff and new stuff out there including the stuff that is copywrited so check before you want to borrow his licks from those PopCap tracks.  He lives in the Finland scene last time I checked.  Just check out what he pushed out and has been pushing out.  About 80% of my samples are his.  I fully admit I am on this guy's jock because I have not heard still this day stuff like his in S3M and IT.  Check his stuff out because it can give you some great ideas on effects.

Not advertising, I have learned most of my tricks from watching someone else's. :)
Title: Found my old Tracker-Idol's site
Post by: minomus on July 06, 2006, 14:50:31
Skaven has also created an account to Finnish mp3 site, So, his newer stuff can be found as mp3s here:
Some differences to the page you posted, at least Samurai Ghost is with better bitrate and as he has said in the comments in Finnish that he has updated some drums. I've also talked with him and he said that he'll keep this page as up to date as possible.
Title: Found my old Tracker-Idol's site
Post by: Axxy on July 06, 2006, 19:19:48
Title: Found my old Tracker-Idol's site
Post by: Quick209 on July 07, 2006, 02:22:38
Thanks Axxy for the Purple motion site and thanks min for the updated Skaven site.  I cannot read Finnish worth a man in the moon but I can listen to his stuff.  I posted the other site because he has his stuff also in the original track format.  I like to look at how he does certain effects.  Mind boggling just to see all the dynamics and features of the tracker he takes advantage of in each song hehe.