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Title: Make your mod listened to 70mln times.- Sony music?
Post by: RevolutionIsNow on November 26, 2009, 22:00:06

I am new here, so sorry if making any mistakes about forum.

Who am I?
I am director of amateur movies, which used to be free to watch on video google and youtube.
There are different topics for movies, from travels across exotic countries, through mobsters in russia and japan, up to explanation of law and some inconvenient facts for gov and other institutions of public trust.
My movies were watched by 77 100 000 unique people.

My next movie will be about diet, explaining proper fuel for body, why we eats wrong food (you think you know enough, but it is not truth) and i will notice how our behaviour and societies, iq, memory, even salary depend on diet, close look at japan, uk, thailand, usa, france, germany.

What i require?
I require amateur music, i used to work for sony music and sony enterteinment, so license for some mainstream music wont be problem, but i require something:
fresh, non-mainstream, slightly amateur, smelling slightly like 8bit era (but please 2x44100 16bits or similar).

What i really require?
In my movies i will show different efficiency of body depending on food, i would like to have couple of similar songs with different tempo and/or pitch. I cannot do this with mainstream music from obvious reasons.

Second thing is music which will somehow fit countries like Japan, Thailand, Germany, UK, France...
nothing popular, nothing copied, but samples and rythmic which is usual for traditional music of those countries.

What you would benefit from this?
I am able to mention name/website/nick of artist as well as holders of copy rights.
I estimate it would be watched by 50 000 000 people during 2-3 years, and those values are not overestimated.
Background information, i was raised on mod format, i have written couple of songs, but this is not my story, heh looks like lack of talent. I am able to convert most of mod formats into format required for AVID or adobe premiere or orther software.

Please treat this post seriously. Thank you in advance for cooperation.
Title: Re: Make your mod listened to 70mln times.- Sony music?
Post by: m0d on November 26, 2009, 23:20:29
I bet a couple of people from the 8bitcollective would jump all over an offer like this. I'm going to mention Smiletron, give him a poke, I like his stuff at least. Can't speak for myself, because I'm out of the composition loop for a little while...

Mention I sent you, if he wonders wtf :)
Title: Re: Make your mod listened to 70mln times.- Sony music?
Post by: ant1 on November 28, 2009, 11:43:39
m0d is right, people at 8bitcollective are generally very enthusiastic about getting their music into games, films, etc. You could try reposting this again in the forums ( there, you would probably get a lot of replies very quickly.
Title: Re: Make your mod listened to 70mln times.- Sony music?
Post by: m0d on December 01, 2009, 16:14:26
Upon reflection, and lack of response so far, this post smells a little amaturish, please back it up with actual facts and citations of your figures. Use links and also explain your position more clearly. I am also moving this to the appropriate forum.