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Title: Please use the NitroTracker issue tracker now!
Post by: 0xtob on April 07, 2010, 02:48:58
Hey guys, thanks a ton for the input you've posted here! Although I don't manage to react to each of those immediately, rest assured your input is very much apreciated and will not remain unheard! Really! With the open source release of NitroTracker on Google Code, I'll implement a new system for tracking feature requests and bug reports: The issue tracker: (

In addition to what a forum can provide, this also gives me the possibility to assign priorities and milestones to issues, and assign them to code monkeys developers who will implement them. In the future, please use the issue tracker instead of the feature request forum, so we can have it all in one place.

Thanks a lot!

Edit by Saga Musix: Updated link from Google Code to GitHub