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Title: I wanna make a decent dnb song...
Post by: Frikkle on April 22, 2010, 21:24:32
but I can't find any good hihat samples. I want a 'shookashooka' sound but I can only get a 'tictictictic'. What would be the best way to sample for dnb? I have a bunch of amen breaks and loops but I don't want to overuse them.
Title: Re: I wanna make a decent dnb song...
Post by: Saga Musix on April 22, 2010, 22:06:56
but I don't want to overuse them.
but that's the whole point of DnB. :P
Simple one-shot hi-hats won't do it. A combination of many real crash/hat samples might do the trick.
Title: Re: I wanna make a decent dnb song...
Post by: TraumFlug on April 23, 2010, 00:20:17
hmm, get your drumloops into a sample editor, and cut them into their individual drum hits! don't hesitate to cut out more than one hihat, if they sound differently, same goes for other drums. I like to cut out different levels of snares, for example, like having different sounding hard hits and light hits of the same kit.

then you can make up your own rhythm sounding like the drum loop you've cut the drumhits from, and even mix it up with other drumkits (be it from loops, or standard kits) to a single rhythm. it also gives you opportunity to add more interesting variations to the rhythm - I love drum&bass styles, but think most stuff is too monotonuos (and it is for good reason, it's thought for dancing to it). yes, it is work, but very rewarding.

as for the "shookashooka" I'm not sure what you mean, I guess some combination of a shaker sound alternating with "light" snare hits (like the "ka"'s in a 2step "boom-ik-tek-shh.ka-shh.ka-bop.ka-tek-tshh" or whatever ;) )

as for hihats, I love to combine different samples, like shakers, normal hats, short cuts from rides/cymbals, metallic hits, and engineer them to something that sounds like a single breakbeat to one who listens first time without analyzing, though it's very different samples, arranged with note delays to groove it up, and volume differences to set accents. just like saga hinted to, good grooves need their work to be created!

if you want to mimick a certain sound, I can just give you the tip of sampling that drumloop, and play it back over & over at half playback speed, listening to every single sound, drum hit, timings, volume accents, or whatever, and trying to cut it apart with the ears (and with the eyes in a waveform view). then when you understand what sounds it consists of, and how they are arranged, try to mimick it with oneshot drumsamples that sound like the ones you analysed in the original. then variate & be creative :D