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Title: Hi All
Post by: phatass on April 23, 2010, 03:50:32

Joined up in the hope that i can get some help in finding some really good music to use with the artists permission on some videos i'm working on. Havent had a chance to look through the archives and see what there is yet, partly because its nearing 3am :) and partly because i dont want to seem like i'm just picking through and then registering only to get approval from people.

Hope theres a few people out there who wouldnt mind their work being associated with the videos i'm making. Mostly car orientated at the moment so would like to find some really good driving tracks.

Just getting my latest video together in it various forms for release. Sadly its all backed by commercial music and but its at least an idea of the kind of thing i'm trying to do. Will post a link in the appropraite forum shortly once i've got it hosted as its still quite large and my adsl upload couldnt take it :)


Title: Re: Hi All
Post by: m0d on April 23, 2010, 18:01:05

Welcome to the forums, hmm well about getting people's approval - tricky at best especially when most of the stuff was composed > 10 years ago by guys who aren't on here anymore. Oh well ! If you want anything from (doubt it, tho) just yell.