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Title: Unlisting outdating song files
Post by: Chaosguy on May 20, 2010, 11:03:26
I uploaded a couple of new remakes of my song files with more proper info and some song detail fixes. And I would hope the past ones to be unlisted from my profile.

When to expect more module upgrading features...
Title: Re: Unlisting "obsolete" song files
Post by: m0d on May 20, 2010, 11:31:37

Do not expect more module management ability because some people like to try and rewrite history and end up doing more damage to the archive when given the means. This is not a personal hosting service, it's not a Web2.0 user-oriented system and it doesn't pretend to be - it's a legacy archive which works on the principle of what you upload, stays that way.

Your "hope" for help is going to take lowest priority since it is a lot of work, but it will be done.
Title: Re: Unlisting "obsolete" song files
Post by: oriyon on May 24, 2010, 20:39:39
 some people like to try and rewrite history and end up doing more damage to the archive when given the means.

That is exactly something I would like to do. I would to erase all name's that I mentioned in my songs?
Title: Re: Unlisting "obsolete" song files
Post by: m0d on May 24, 2010, 22:16:00
I will refer you to the module removal policy as per the Help section in the main site. Regarding your plea that you sent me in private, I have hidden the texts. For anyone else looking: I would like to ask you to provide me with a list of all the module IDs (links to the pages will also be fine) that you would like the information hidden from the website side of things as you cannot do this yourself.

Do note this; and this goes out to anyone else under similar situation:

I/we will not edit/change an actual module. If someone downloads the module and opens it up, reads the internal information - that's your problem, we really cannot do anything about this.

You tell me/us to remove it? I answer: you go and tell everyone else on the internet to remove it from their own collections and also the other websites it is distributed from first. I don't see why we should be singled out amongst the many that offer the the same service which has distributed (legally) your submitted material.

As I already mentioned in this thread - we do not offer the ability for people to come into the archive and start f***ing things up, it's not Wikipedia, or any other Web2 user-content driven site, it's an archive with the means for commentary, but we will try and assist when it's absolutely necessary.

Title: Re: Unlisting "obsolete" song files
Post by: oriyon on May 25, 2010, 02:44:26
First of all, thank you for deleting the song information shown on the website here.

From this experience I learned that internet is a funny thing, ten years back it never seamed to hurt anyone to name some people in your songs. We've never could predicted how privacy would be such a great concern with the world wide web of today. Google's indexing bot's hovering all over the place collecting all kind of information. Maybe that is the price of internet developing, but for me if it is avoidable I'm sure I don't want to pay. I don't know anything about the technical side of a website, but i could imagine that it is possible to hide the instrument data from the search indexing bots?

On behalve of the legal side, you are right. I did gave Modarchive permission 12 years ago for distributing my songs and therefore the distribution is legal. On the other hand, I don't think that is important for this matter. I don't know much about international law's, but there is a Dutch law that defines that the author always has the authority over his works. ( in Holland its the Auteurswet 1912, on European level this should be covered by the directive on the enforcement of intellectual property rights. ) These laws also give you as author the control over the distribution of your work. This means that if you withdraw the permission, the publisher has no other option than stop distributing the work.

I don't want to be ungrateful, and don't shoot me if I am wrong about this, but maybe this is something you should keep in mind. :) It's has never been my purpose to "start f***ing things up" on the archive.

Thanks again for helping me out!