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Title: My first tracked music EVER!!!
Post by: speeder on July 10, 2010, 19:10:11
Hello! Although I hand around, lurk and claim to use trackers since years, in fact I never made a music (I only... opened the software, stared at it, and closed again :P Or done random notes and that is it...)

Today I decided to stop being such a sissy, and do music, and send music, and get bashed, so I know how much I suck and I learn.

I made that... thing... in 1 hour, I could not figure any instrument to use properly, so it has only one, and that one is a generated saw...

Feel free to comment! All you want!

And yes, for now the name will remain "untitled WIP" (later it will cease being WIP, and will have a decent name, and I plan to use on my game)