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Title: (expired news) Sunrise Competitions open for Remote Entries
Post by: m0d on August 24, 2011, 16:18:12
Hi folks,

Sunrise in Luton, UK - coming up in a week or so from now (9th-Sept) and is accepting remote entries. As this is a small party, and a new one at that (I as a visitor) hope to encourage some remote entries from you lot :D

There isn't yet a method of submission published, but after this weekend more details are promised by the organisers, so keep an eye out on their website (

Music competition-wise, even if there will not be a specific tracked music competition you can still submit a rendering of your track in MP3 or OGG format into the 'MP3/OGG aka Streaming' music competition.

The usual compo rules tend to apply here, so no stuff already released is allowed. All of the competitions are open for remote entries as listed on the  website (

If you have never entered a party competition before, this is an ideal opportunity since small parties generally do not have pre-selection and are glad of the participation. If you can lend support, please do!

Please note that as usual, remote entries do not qualify for prizes.