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Title: Community member requests testers for MPPWC
Post by: m0d on October 20, 2011, 14:48:37
From community member Dege:

MPPWC is a tiny tracker module decoder input plugin for Winamp that supports the following formats:

Composer669 (.669), Amiga Protracker (.mod), Multitracker (.mtm), Screamtracker 3 (.s3m), Fasttracker 2 (.xm) and Impulser Tracker (.it)

It also includes support for stereo samples, resonant filters and true seeking.

Substituting Winamp's built-in module decoder with mine wasn't my goal (although I never liked it).
I've just revamped my old music player (which does not support tons of formats) and decided to publish it in the form of a Winamp plugin to see if somebody like it, I'm just curious how good it is.

- Dege

If you want to give Degs some feedback, please check out this forum thread! (