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Title: jagtitle.mod
Post by: DReS on December 06, 2012, 23:18:33
Hello there,

- is actually a copy of this song from the Jaguar XJ220 Amiga game:

I'm pretty new here since I've just been lurking for quite a while, but this is one I recognized so I thought I might let the community know.

~ DReS.
Title: Re: jagtitle.mod
Post by: m0d on December 07, 2012, 00:15:19

Thanks for dropping by, though I appreciate the effort, this is not a rip in a specific sense, i'll explain: We classify a rip as when someone who didn't compose the tune claims ownership of it and passes it of as their own work. That's what is known a ripper, and back in the day ripping of other peoples modules by downloading them off BBS and magazine coverdisks and passing them off as their own work (often changing the titles and sample texts to cover their tracks) was quite a serious problem.

We'll occasionally stumble on one new ripper idiot who thinks they can get away with it, which is why they'll end up on here :) I'm sure there are loads of them still out there.

Recognising these genuine rips is something I/we really appreciate the community helping with.

In the context of 'ripping music out of a game', that is a different context on the meaning of rip and that isn't what we're going after here (unless I've missed something and there is in fact some dodgy artist on this site claiming he made the jaguar xj220 title music, but I don't see that).

Hope that clears things up, if you have more questions you're welcome to ask, once again, thanks for taking the time to voice your concern!