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Title: 'retuning' Milkytracker
Post by: Dranorter on April 13, 2013, 21:39:42
So just for fun I decided to try to compile a version of Milkytracker which plays in an odd tuning system. (I realize this is not a practical, reasonable approach to using an odd scale, partially because the modules produced would just sound wrong on a regular version of milkytracker.) The version of Milkytracker I've compiled crashes under certain odd circumstances but that's probably because I've made a couple slight changes to get it to compile on my 64 bit machine. My main issue is I keep changing stuff but I still get normal tuning!

So far I've altered the getlogperiod and getlogfreq functions in PlayerSTD.cpp, which are the only ones I saw called over ... wherever I was looking, probably PlayerController.cpp. I tried just changing the large numeric constant in getlogfreq first, which is divided by the log period so logically changing it should change the interval (multiplying a logarithmic quantity by some constant is like a change in base). Then I tried altering the note and finetuning values at the beginning of getlogperiod.

Does anyone know a succinct place to make a change in order to accomplish this?

(Just as a side note, the weird crash I referred to is simply whenever the mouse is dragged or even held down in one spot for very long. Eg, clicking on a note on the piano is fine but holding it down for very long crashes the program on note release.)