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Title: Bad row jump
Post by: LarsenUpin on May 14, 2013, 20:30:32
I guys :)
I'm sorry if this is a question who has been already asked, english is not my birth language and I have absolutely no idea of what word put in the search field...

I have a probleme quite handicapping, I must have done a mishandling: after I inserted annything in a pattern (note, effect, volume...), the cursor don't jump on the first row below, but on the 2nd. I already had this problem except it was on the fourth if i remember well, and I just redownloaded the software x)
I think it's just a matter of shortcut or stuff, but I don't find the option ...
Thank you !
Title: Re: Bad row jump
Post by: Vaina Moinen on May 15, 2013, 03:43:57
Actually it's a really easy fix!

In the center area of the info box located in the top left of the screen, look for the word "Add", it's under the words "BPM" and "Spd".

The number next to the word "Add" is the number of spaces that the line will jump after you enter a note. You can change the number with the "+/-" buttons next to "Add".

So, just set the number to "01".

This is a very useful feature if you're entering a kick drum on every beat, because you can set it to "04" and hold down "Z", you'll get the full pattern recorded extremely fast. Useful for many other things as well.
Title: Re: Bad row jump
Post by: LarsenUpin on May 15, 2013, 21:56:25
Riiiiiiight thank you so much, crap yes it's quite easy, I must be a bit stupid to have passed by this button...
Thank you again ;)