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Title: Site switchover complete
Post by: m0d on April 27, 2014, 16:23:46
Today we're live with a lot of behind the scenes updates, but also a few tweaks here and there - namely at the moment we are experimenting with:

- a new API path
- Unzipped Modules (!) This is in a testing phase, we may be turning this on and off while testing a few things on the public.
- a lot of visual tweaks
- UTF-8 support, hurrah for Unicode
- PNG support added to profile picture upload
- Download list of all of your favourites (allows you to wget them, basically), Go to your favourites list and scroll to the bottom.
- Screening crew can now rename files in the upload queue.
- There's quite a lot I can't tell you about, too, but tadaa!

If you spot any problems, please report them along with a few steps on how you got the problem to manifest.


(Ha! I have a beer fund, if you want to drop a coin. beer at :-)

- m0d

P.S There is this news item from 1997:

A new year, a new Mod Archive! You asked for changes and we listened. The biggest changes are:

- All mods are now zipped!
- The interface is now much cleaner (If you have Internet Explorer 3.0 or Netscape 3.0).
- The Mod Archive now runs across multiple servers! now stores all html files, logs and data files. This server is a Dell Pentium 166 with a SCSI RAID disk array running BSDI and is on its own T1 line! (the old server) stores all of the zipped mods and handles uploads. This server is a Gateway P133 with many, many disk drives and 96 megs of Ram. It runs FreeBSD and is on a T3 line that it shares with thousands of other computers. is instantly updated whenever an upload is made to

Gosh we are old.

Title: Re: Site switchover complete
Post by: DragShot on May 06, 2014, 23:16:33
That looks cool :) .