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Title: MilkyTracker on Raspberry Pi
Post by: YERZMYEY on March 05, 2015, 23:47:45

I was happy to find out that there is a port for Raspberry Pi.
The ALT+F4 problem has been described already, so I'd like to focus on something different.

I installed the prog and started making some stuff.
I noticed, however, some instability. On the Raspbian, I mean.
The MT turns itself off very often, maybe randomly, I dunno, but seems like
it might be related with moving left/right along the channels.
First I thought that's the SHIFT+TAB combination what brings the prog
down, but later the same happened many times when I was using a mouse, to
"scroll" the channels left/right.
Also, it happened once while copying (SHIFT+F4, if I recall. Could be CTRL
Is it possible I installed it wrongly? Or the R_Pi version is simply
Best regards,
Title: Re: MilkyTracker on Raspberry Pi
Post by: Deltafire on July 05, 2015, 23:13:38
Probably best if you report this to the maintainer of the Milikytracker package on Raspbian, it seems specific to that port.