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Title: I uploaded some songs but they can't be found in the searcher by the game title
Post by: rodxpectrvm on September 13, 2016, 02:03:28
Hello. Some weeks ago I uploaded some songs of the soundtrack of a new game for Amiga: RetroWars. The problem is I put as title of the game "Retro Wars", with space (made by a "_"), in the file name, and I forgot to add it into the title of the song, so when I try to find these songs by RetroWars or Retro War, they are not found, except 2 only songs (not the rest of them).

I'd like to fix this by updating the songs (uploading them again). There is no change or fix or difference in the music at all. Just in the title into the mod, and in the title into the file name. But the web page of mod archive doesn't let me re-upload an already uploaded song. Neither it let me to manually change the title and file name of the mods.

Would you allow me to re-upload these songs with the titles fixed so they can all be easily found by RetroWars ?