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Title: Site restored to working!
Post by: m0d on October 31, 2016, 06:45:26

Site works again. Data center are hands-on looking into why their switch is messing with the server's MAC address and making it fail to recover after a power outage.

I repaired the database which was corrupted by the outage.

My hands hurt but you're worth it.

I had also had a road crash so my spine and head isn't too good right now.

This is more or less a good bye from me as I have handed over everything to Saga;

I have revoked my paypal address so any further donations won't work until he has his set up;

The server is secured for another billing cycle - I will be paying the bill in advance to ensure continuity - according to the data center; this will be fine.

Your mothers slippers is not an insult; its the holy ground upon which she walked. Blessed ground. In dedication to my mom; was here and mine for a while.


I still love everyone; but nobody loves me except for my beautiful life partner Ilona who has watched this site rip me to shreads; it is about time. So long and thanks for being the best oldskool party on the planet.

- m0d aka Red-Ruby and I have had many many many aliases.

Title: Re: Site restored to working!
Post by: modulemaker on October 31, 2016, 14:18:51

I don't want to startle anyone but, I'm investigating what happened to the server as I suspect it may have been a cyber attack. Would your data center need help or be able to provide information to their findings? thanks.

Also, I'd like to thank you Red-Ruby for all your efforts on this site/module scene and I hope it can continue as smoothly without you. Rest assured there are more loving hearts out there than you may suspect ;-) tears are part of life and required for our growth, good bye friend, consider returning when you are ready. :-) All pain, physical or otherwise, eventually subside.

Once again, thank you.
Title: Re: Site restored to working!
Post by: Ceekayed on October 31, 2016, 18:55:11
Title: Re: Site restored to working!
Post by: getkey on November 02, 2016, 18:10:50
Farewell and thanks! You've left your mark on the demoscene.
I wish you all the best and to do whatever you need to do with your life! <3
Title: Re: Site restored to working!
Post by: skyscape on November 10, 2016, 12:25:19
Hey Greg, thanks for keeping this thing ticking for so long. I drop by every now and then and make sure everything is still here! You did a fantastic job keeping this site running for many years and fostering such a great community. Sounds like the reins have been handed over - glad the modarchive's legacy can live on! Hope you make a speedy recovery too. - Your ol' pal, Libris
Title: Re: Site restored to working!
Post by: m0d on December 16, 2016, 10:38:50
Thanks! Librisness. I officially changed my name; I hate PTSD and this is why I officially changed it to my real name. Red-Ruby Rae (T.)

Ruby is my partner's second name. Everything for a reason. But I lost my hands in the process of doing too much work in such short time for not only Ericsson, HP, Netmatch, but also the countless Demosceneprojects as well as TMA. I got the worst. I have had to give up on my music dreams; why? sad story is; most of the ppl in TMA IRC deliberately hated on my music; ridiculed me and essentially that cost me my dreams. After all the work; getting screwed out of my hands by the work; and feeling worthless because THEY (even gopher) never showed any form of support other than "heh" or "meh"; it discouraged me over the course of 17 years to never believe in my musical abilities.

For this; I will never be able to forgive the community. Aside from that; the hate that poured from this community instead of supporting me in my time of need; after everything I had achieved - accusations of delusions of grandeur were wholey undeserved; and as such - I will always have a bitter resentment for those that whilst putting me down, went ahead and got exactly what they wanted in life.

I always evelvated people; but nothing ever came back the other way.


As such; not only is the RAMPANT homophobia and disrespect for my achievements & work overlooked; it is actively promoted by some individuals still in the community. You can point to those individuals should you want to place blame for me finally giving up with you all and leaving.

Honestly; it used to be my passion; they made it my poison; and despite being in recovery for 4 years I have attempted suicide 4 times (including jumping). That is what the demoscene ultimately did for me and my poor loving wife Ilona.

Mod Archive left a legacy in my life that I never want anything to do with again. That is not spite; I just had to start to learn to say NO, and stand up for myself.

On a side note; if you continute to use Espernet IRC network you are complicit in a network-level Espernet policy breach and that is something that makes a network untrustworthy - not only that but also emotionall abusive. I now give what I get, so excuse me while I say- so long, but thanks for absolutely nothing. Many of you will never know true love. That so sad, I have had someone watch over this entire thing; and she supports me in my decision to sever connections with the community which took everything and gave so little back.


What goes around comes around. Eventually. Some of you are due.