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Title: Nitrotracker on android
Post by: Maz-Hoot on July 17, 2017, 23:35:12

I have nitrotracker on ds and it works fine. But i would like to prepare my songs on my android Phone. I can run nitrotracker on android ds emulator but i can't access to files for load song or samples. First i had the dldi file init error but i tryed all dldi patches and there are 2 of them which can start nitrotracker without dldi error.

But on them i can't access to the files of my phone i only see a data folder and nitrotracker folder and there is nothing inside of it. I tryed to put the samples in all places possible related to nitrotracker but nitrotracker still see nothing... if i save a song i have the .xm file created but when i search this .xm file on the phone file manager it can't find it...

Some one here may have an idea ?