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Title: Milkytracker tricks.
Post by: luke on April 14, 2018, 00:08:10
Using single cycle wave form samples generated in milkytracker does anyone know any special tricks to change things up a bit?

I know one, duplicate the instrument and draw a few small changes into the generated waveforms...then switch between, becomes more about something else?

Like maybe duplicate and somehow move the whole waveform forward a bit like a phase offset?

I'm looking for special tricks like that.

Peace, greets to milkytraxters everywhere

Title: Re: Milkytracker tricks.
Post by: Nikku4211 on April 14, 2018, 18:43:44
I don't use Milkytracker, but the trick you said applies to just about every tracker that supports XM, if not MOD or IT as well.

I know of a similar trick where instead of modifying a duplicated sample, you just use the same instrument on the 2nd channel, but apply a very slight portamento to create a cool phaser effect.

If you duplicate the sample, but invert it, and then apply the very slight portamento to that(or finetune it a bit), it sounds even more phaser-y. And pan one of them to the left speaker and one to the right speaker, and it might even sound cooler.

That's about all I know that applies to XMs and actually qualifies as a 'trick'.