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Title: (Retail) Logo Permissions Pt. 2
Post by: BitPusher on November 28, 2018, 20:23:36
How are you guys doing? I have something I'd like to share if you might find it useful.

Even though our forum here isn't exactly booming, I've noticed most don't like it when you necromance a thread, so I took a leap of faith and made this one. My previous on this subject is here:

Basically, I was trying to find out exactly how it would work to get permission to use the MilkyTracker logo on a retail product, specifically, as a button on the back cover a professionally manufactured and published CD. I was pointed to the Facebook of the original artist, and while Milky may be open software, I wanted to (out of respect) get the blessing of the artist first. He wouldn't respond to my message, so I went an alternative route and made the button myself. I will share it here.

The milk carton by itself was a completely public domain licensed image, and I added the MT and made the rest in GIMP. On the finished product it looks like this:

As I said, maybe this is a one-off case or nobody actually cares, but if my button could be used or modified for your interests, you are welcome to it.
Thanks everyone. See ya.
Title: Re: (Retail) Logo Permissions Pt. 2
Post by: Saga Musix on November 28, 2018, 23:33:52
Nice, and very 90s CD cover ;D
Title: Re: (Retail) Logo Permissions Pt. 2
Post by: BitPusher on November 29, 2018, 03:51:47
You looked up the CD eh?  ;D Thanks.
I’m very proud of it because of the time I put into it, and every track was sequenced with Milky, but there is also a little LSDJ onboard as I used it to record a couple of samples and sequences to then drop into Milky as well for the two chiptune tracks on there. I just hope Milky continues to live on for a long time to come. It’s such a pleasure to work with and there’s still more I wish to do.