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Title: Dj SM
Post by: Saga Musix on October 20, 2019, 23:01:25
An archive member tried to upload a couple of files by an artist called "Dj SM", and most of them triggered the dupe filter. For a good reason:  - (64018)
djsm_arctic_sea.xm  -  baltic_beach_.xm (141228)
djsm_genetic.xm  -  hallucinogenetic.xm (141077)
djsm_sonicflyer.xm  -  blue_aura.xm (146726)
djsm_valerie.xm  -  virtual_valerie.xm (151924)
djsm_immortal.mod  -  03.mod (80424)
djsm_stein.s3m  -  linen.s3m (71078)
djsm_spectr.xm  -  night_hallucination.xm (141118)
djsm_zer0_cool.xm  -  knock_your_brains.xm (134426)
djsm_party.mod  -  nasty.mod (67497)
djsm_brainless.xm  -  brainless_3.mod (114778)
djsm_space_track.xm  -  space_whale.xm (143646)
djsm_atillium.xm  -  magical.xm (138391)
djsm_minitouch_c.mod  -  minumaluz.mod (88040)
djsm_clematic_c.xm  -  aroma.xm (153788)  - (158387)  - (166540)
djsm_leave_c.xm  -  yellow_leaves.xm (151565)

All of these are exact copies of existing songs on the archive, with the only modification being the sample texts being removed/edited and Dj SM slapping their name on the tune. The songs come from such a wide variety of styles and skills, it should be obvious that they were not made by a single person.

There were a few more uploads of Dj SM's stuff that I couldn't identify, but they are most likely ripped as well, so they have been rejected alongside the stuff mentioned above.

If you come across any other modules by Dj SM, like this one (, they are most likely stolen as well.