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Title: Eagle's lovelly collection.
Post by: Eagle on December 01, 2006, 13:03:39
G'day lads (and the occasional lass)! My collection of trackers have grown so large, I have problems finding new trackers. If you know a tracker I don't have, please mention it's name and if possible, an URL to where I can download it. Thanks!

EDIT: Added and installed another 10 trackers.

Code: [Select]
For readability and to make it easy to count, the list of trackers have been put into sections of 3. The brackets holds the platform.

91 Trackers:

ACE Tracker (C64)
AdeptTracker (Amiga)
AdlibTracker II (DOS)

Adlib Visual Composer (DOS)
Amusic (DOS)
Aodix (WIN32)

Axs (WIN32)
Beaver Sweeper (WIN32)
BeRo MiniTracker (WIN32)

BeRoTracker Classic (WIN32)
BlackBox MusicBox (GameBoy and compatible)
BoomTracker 4 (DOS)

BoyScout (WIN32)
BushTracker 2
CarillionTracker (C64)

ChibiTracker (WIN32)
Composer 669 (DOS)
DigiTrakker (DOS)

Disorder Tracker (DOS)
Dream Station (DOS/WIN9x)
EdLib (DOS)

eJay (WIN32)
Extreme's Tracker (DOS)
FamiTracker (WIN32)

Farandole Composer (DOS)
Fast Tracker (DOS)
Fast Tracker II (DOS)

Fast Tracker III (WIN32)
Faust Music Creator (DOS)
Flex Trax! (Atari Falcon030 and compatible)

FM-KingTracker (DOS)
FM Tracker (DOS)
Freebase (WIN32)

FunkTracker (DOS)
Game Music System (DOS)
GoatTracker 2 (WIN32/LINUX/MacOS X)

H8 Tracker (WIN32)
HSC-Tracker (DOS)
Imago Orpheus (DOS)

Impulse Tracker (DOS)
iSeq (C64)
Ken's Digital Music (DOS)

KingMod (DOS)
Liquid Tracker (DOS)
LSDJ (GameBoy and compatible)

MadTracker 2 (WIN32)
Master Tracker (DOS)

Midget (WIN32)
Midi XG Tracker (WIN32)
MilkyTracker (WIN32/LINUX)

Mod2PSG2 (C64)
Modix (WIN32)
ModPlug Tracker (WIN32)

MultiTracker Module Editor (DOS)
NerdTracker 2 (WIN32/DOS)
NinjaTracker (C64)

NitroTracker (Nintendo DS)
NoiseTrekker (WIN32)
OctaMED (Amiga)

OctaMED Sound Studio (WIN32)
Odin Tracker (C64)
Paragon 5 GameBoy Tracker (WIN32)

Picatune (WIN32)
PistonCollage (DOS)

ProTracker 1.2 (Amiga)
RamTracker (DOS/WIN32?)
Raster Music Tracker (WIN32)

Reality ADlib Tracker (DOS)
Real Tracker (DOS)
Real Tracker 2 (DOS)

Renoise (WIN32/MacOS X)
SadoTracker (C64)
SBStudio (DOS)

Schism Tracker (WIN32/MacOS X/LINUX)
ScreamTracker (DOS)
ScreamTracker 3 (DOS)

Skale (WIN32)
Surprise! Adlib Tracker (DOS)

SVArTracker (WIN32)
T0ast (WIN32)
TraxVox (WIN32)
UltraTracker (DOS)

Unis669 (DOS)
Velvet Studio (DOS)
VersaTracker (WIN32)

Whacker Tracker (DOS)
X-Tracker (DOS)
XMS-Tracker (DOS)

zTracker (WIN32)
Title: Eagle's lovelly collection.
Post by: Ceekayed on December 16, 2006, 14:00:07
I wonder, do you have IT2.1x with filter envelopes and the full wav writer? If you do, I desperately need it when I get back home. :)

And a nice collection btw. :>
Title: Eagle's lovelly collection.
Post by: Eagle on December 16, 2006, 22:39:16
I have Impulse Tracker version 2.14. It's available on:

In case you can not get it there, I can always send you it in a zip or in binary (but that would be troublesome, though) through e-mail.
Title: Re: Eagle's lovelly collection.
Post by: dr_mabuse on April 10, 2008, 19:21:57
sry for bunping old thread, but i have some trackers who are not in your list :