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Title: Latin drum samples...
Post by: K_Jose on January 05, 2020, 19:49:01
I've been hunting for samples of Latin drums (bongos, congas, etc.). Not restricted to a hard high and low opens only. I mean every hit that had to be made.

I may already have some at my disposal from sites that allow non-commercial redistribution of raw samples and some CC-licensed ones which I used in my later mods, but any other sources without the "no redistribution of raw samples" clause?
Title: Re: Latin drum samples...
Post by: Saga Musix on January 06, 2020, 12:06:16
Maybe Freesound ( has something suitable?

I don't know if it has what you need but you could try the demo of the SRX World ( plugin from Roland - That board was certainly one of the best of its time (early 2000s). If you truly care about the license, this would technically be a grey area if you just sample the presets, though.