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Title: Wanted: Mod Music Composer For Retro Games [PAID]
Post by: Ali on July 21, 2020, 17:27:18
Role: Music Composer (MOD filetype)
Company: OutOfTheBit Ltd ( (
Location: UK/Europe - Preferably in London (UK)
Language: English or Italian
Job Type: Freelance
Start Date: ASAP

Job Description:

OutOfTheBit Ltd is seeking a passionate Music Composer to work on its upcoming classic arcade inspired games. The ideal candidate is fluent in the use of old school Music Tracker software (such as Protracker, Soundtracker, or OpenMPT). We'll consider any candidate that can produce arcade quality music in the .MOD tracker file format, preferably in a range of musical styles.

The files would need to be 4-channels and there is no restriction on the range of notes used.

To Apply:

Please send us your CV and a cover letter, your freelancer rate, and an up-to-date sample of MOD tracks of your creation at