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Title: Returning oldskooler!!
Post by: Axxy on January 20, 2021, 18:51:16
Just noticed a "blast from the past" with a couple of modules in the latest update. TNK or Toalnkor of Realtech.. At the moment just 4 modules under TNK, but also noticed he updated his profile just a few days ago..

At the bottom, a request to add his Toalnkor modules to his account. Quick check, didn't find many, checking further, found quite few others.

No idea if you can add his old modules to his account, but I can attach my list of known TNK modules if it helps. 113 modules in my list...
Title: Re: Returning oldskooler!!
Post by: Saga Musix on January 20, 2021, 23:06:11
You could ask through the shoutbox first if you should go ahead or if they want to take care of it :)