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Title: Goodbye Altered Perception
Post by: m0d on January 27, 2007, 19:54:17
Altered Perception was a music site from long ago, which for some reason or other had to be shut down. At the time, the folks who ran The Mod Archive agreed to host the Altered Perception files under some seperatly generated (and static) webpages on The Mod Archive.

Up until now, the Altered Perception site remained seperate. However, you will find as of January 27th 2007 that the modules from Altered Perception have been merged with the general Mod Archive, and as a result, a few good things have come about:

* Faster downloads - now the modules have been moved to the new mirror server structure.
* Searchable - Instrument and comment texts, yay.
* Duplicates that were already in the archive have been removed.
* Only modules have been ported over. The WAV/EXE/MP3/TXT/NFO/etc... contents have been discarded.
* 1695 modules have been imported into The Mod Archive!
* The modules have retained their original datestamp.

For your convenience the "Altered Perception only" menu will be available for a short while, as generally now that the merge has happened the sub-site no longer actually exists :)

This conversion/import took approximatly 11 hours of actual maintenance labour.



Title: Goodbye Altered Perception
Post by: Rikimbo on January 27, 2007, 22:25:26
11 hours??  Holy smokes!  It is nice to finally have that altered perception section integrated into the archive though.  Cool.
Title: Goodbye Altered Perception
Post by: m0d on January 27, 2007, 23:37:23
:) Yeah, at least it's put in some form of foundation should I need to mass-import more in the future. The main hurdle was coding the reorangizing/renaming/importing system to handle all the files and placing them on the mirror systems.