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Title: Zero's Music - (Newest: "Elements")
Post by: Zero Prophet on February 04, 2007, 10:37:47
[EDIT] While the original thread dealt with my Xerxes Tribute song, I have expanded it to be a general discussion of my newest WiPs and ReLs. Stay tuned for non-regular updates. Original discussion as follows...

While listening to Xerxes, inspiration struck at random. However, after I began composing this tune, it left me as soon as it came. I am at a loss here and have no clue where to go. I am posting an unfinished edition for feedback. Could any kind soul lend some criticism or suggestions?

Zero Prophet - Tribute to Xerxes ( (.IT, zipped)

I apologize for the free host. I seriously need some decent webspace...
Title: Zero's Music - (Newest: "Elements")
Post by: Ceekayed on February 05, 2007, 00:39:37
Melodically very xerxes alike. Very nice stuff. The part at 1:24-1:36 has some problems though (the "leads" aren't too catchy). Lovely beats.
But the thing that troubles me is the sound, and it's dullness. Most of the instruments here need more "space" around them. You're trying to squeeze a xerxes tribute into 24 physical and ~40 virtual channels.. That's impossible. :)
At least the synths intro need to be looped with a nice volume envelope to get that xerxes smoothness going right from the start.

Oh, and and a bit less stereo separation on some of those sounds (mainly on the leads) wouldn't hurt (think of the headphone users). :)

And some of these ideas are so nice that you NEED to repeat them more. Hell, even if you weren't doing a xerxes tribute, you'd need more repetition. You can't go on bouncing from an idea to another in a chillout tune. Slowly developed/built themes create the catchyness.

Enough of bitching. You've got some great stuff in there, and with a bit of work you can turn this into a jewel. But I'd not try to add anything new to that, but just build the already existing ideas and form the song around them. There's already enough stuff for filling 6-8 minutes.
Title: Zero's Music - (Newest: "Elements")
Post by: Zero Prophet on February 10, 2007, 01:58:29
Thank you very much for your feedback! I didn't find it harsh at all... and in fact, I believe that your words have set the song back on track. I've taken all your suggestions into account, and after quite a bit of reorganizing, I think that (while still unfinished) it's at a much more workable level. Now, before I get too far, let's see how much of an improvement this may be...

Zero Prophet - Tribute to Xerxes (beta) ( (.IT, zipped)

I was kind of hoping you'd respond this way, as well. Thanks to your guidance, this beast has improved greatly. Besides, after "Silent Psychology", your word is the next best thing to that of Xerxes himself. Amazing, I say. ;)

Either way, I'm still not finished. Any specific suggestions or should I just press on from here?
Title: Zero's Music - (Newest: "Elements")
Post by: the DtTvB on February 12, 2007, 16:19:11
Wow, really nice tune, especially the beats.

A program also found 6 hidden patterns, which sounds really cool, especially for pattern 14.

:!:   Very well done!  :thumbup:
Title: Zero's Music - (Newest: "Elements")
Post by: Ceekayed on February 13, 2007, 00:30:55
Wow. I'm amazed how much you managed to improve this piece.

A few points:

1) I usually avoid that fake surround at all costs because it just sounds weird; it just makes the channel stereo and inverts the right channel, which creates that "omg it's everywhere!" sound. The problem is, that it sounds almost like a phase cancellation.
Surround goes fine for echo channels, but if you want wide pads/fx etc, you're better off using stereo via delayed second channel.

2) There still are a few panning problems - the F#6 at 1:46 and 1:59. And the part from 2:24->
Those bouncy pans from left to right and back work even with very subtle values (p24-p40) and every note beyond 16 or 48 sound harsh.

3) The lead in the last part is too loud.

Enough of nitpicking, this sounds great already. Remember to spam me when you get this thing finished. :)
Title: Zero's Music - (Newest: "Elements")
Post by: Zero Prophet on February 28, 2007, 03:52:42
All right, sorry to keep you guys hanging on the Xerxes Tribute, but I've got plans for it... to put it simply, it is now complete but will be put to use very soon. ;)

So therefore, in an attempt to shed some light on recent works and avoid repetitive threads, I'll continue my musical ventures onward in this discusstion. Anyway, after "Tribute", I felt like unwinding and working on something more fun. "Elements" ( is the result, and I've got sort of mixed feelings. At times I love it, but others I hate it. It's very simplistic, purposefully, concentrating on the music instead of "trivial" things such as sound quality and panning. A throwback to the old days of tracking, to put it simply. Is this worth uploading at all, or does it still need work?