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Title: A temporary reject: Destressor
Post by: sciboy1190 on May 05, 2007, 04:11:47
So appearently, not only is it possible to get a module rejected only temporarily, but this happened to one of mine.

Download: [Destressor (]

I am aware that the samples are out of tune....but they're in tune with each I'm guessing it's something that little riff at each pattern....

Feedback?  (:
Title: A temporary reject: Destressor
Post by: Saga Musix on May 05, 2007, 13:05:00
well, this module sounsd a bit chaotic. plus, it's very short. You should not spend only 20 mins on a module, but at least an hour, i guess. You could include different melodies then. In this case, you have this melody that repeats for the whole time (which isn't much), some drums and some chords.  Ever thought of a bassline? :) I didn't include one in my very first attempts aswell.
Conclusion: You have to spend a bit more time on your module ;) It could be a nice one if it was longer and included all the other stuff I mentioned ;)
So if I wrote a review, I would have given this maybe 3 points, but not more.
Title: A temporary reject: Destressor
Post by: zovik on May 07, 2007, 04:50:29
You should definitely lengthen this one, polish it, and resubmit. It's got potential.

First of all, the background starting at 10 sec. is really good. The chaotic-ness there is a plus; I muted channels 1 and 2 and it immediately sounded better. With an extra minute of length and a few changes to keep it interesting, you could leave out the lead part and have a decent track.

My suggestion is to work on the lead, which can be kind of repetitive and even annoying. It seems to have trouble finding a tonal center, which you may have intended (if that's the case just work on the repetition.) You might consider finding a different lead sample, and making the lead a bit softer so it doesn't overpower your intricate backbeat.

I look forward to hearing the edited version.  :)
Title: A temporary reject: Destressor
Post by: sciboy1190 on June 08, 2007, 23:29:51
I find myself hesitant to change this one....because I was in a state of mind that the song quite accurately describes....
Adding or taking away much would be really hard to do without changing that mood...unless I was in it...

hmm....this may take awhile...